The #WOWE Club


is a global lifestyle & wellness community for Boss women and moms.

 A place to build relationships with other likeminded women and discover all the best resources about nutrition & wellness, world destinations, best product reviews, fitness, yoga, fashion, career, style ….and experts tips.

  We wish to offer you a fun and entertaining way to get together and enjoy the time out of the office or the busy life routine,  sharing each other’s stories and passions . 

Our mission is to bring together  a diverse group of women from every part of the world. Each one with her own culture, habits and a full world to discover.

 We believe that all women should have the opportunity to do what they love and express their passions to build their dream life in a healthy and joyful way.

 We network to celebrate knowledge that can change our lifestyle.

We aim to create a new lifestyle, movement and brand to heal and change our world. We wish to make everyone’s life happier!  

We believe that:

Wellness is something that you choose to pursue. It’s a choice you make in life that requires constant effort to achieve.

While associated with a healthy lifestyle, wellness goes beyond the confines of general health.

It encompasses a positive outlook on your mind, body and soul and is something we often have more control over than health.

Wellness has various dimensions and can be viewed a quality, state or process.

Wellness is made of hundreds of positive choices you make to live your personal and professional life to the fullest!


How do we do this?  

The idea is to build solid collaborations with our Ambassadors. 

An Ambassador is someone specialized in her own field

and plays an active role in her own community: 









 Benefits and rewards of being an Ambassador?

 Being an active part of an international fast-growing & trusted network.

Getting the opportunity to become part of our team, to represent #WOWE and to help us to grow our community in the world

Getting high visibility on what you are passionate about

 Getting featured on @theromanticrebelle Instagram Story highlight  - you can send a 30s Video interview to introduce yourself to the world!

Having the chance to enlarge your personal and professional network both in your city and internationally.

Being constantly updated on the coolest things happening and the best trends.

Being invited to our exclusive events in collaboration with our brands partners.

Guest Blogging

Getting unique and special privileges, reserved to our Ambassadors only.


What we expect from our Ambassadors?

Content sharing on your social media 

Mention your Ambassador role on your Blog and articles

Be unique, authentic and appropriate

Be an active member of our Facebook Group

Write for us or share interesting contents that we can post on our Blog Page and social media.





 Connect with inspiring and like-minded women from every part of the world and share stories, give or receive advises about work, lifestyle, wellness, nutrition, fashion, travels and healthy recipes. 

Grow your knowledge through our interviews with experts

Learn amazing things that happen all around you

Have fun and get spoiled

Receive perks & discounts ( we’ll work hard to bring you only the best )

Get access to exclusive gatherings, programs & workshops.