Ottiu is a reinterpretation of mid-century lifestyle into the unique upholstery pieces with exquisite designs.

It's all about a  glamorous collection that goes far beyond upholstery. Every design piece is much more than a decoration item… it is the main character of your living space, the star of your house.

Ottiu creations combines sophistication and sex appeal, dressed up with smooth velvets  where sensual designs are the scenario for your mysterious desires.
Any space will become a gracious retreat with this luscious additions which will make you feel like a classic, surrounded by the glamour of the golden era.

Each piece, made by specialized craftsmen of Portugal, is treated like a unique work of art: from the foundation in a solid wood structure to the last details of the high-quality finishing.

Learn more how to live like a Boss Babe and how to get the glam studio of your dreams with our feminine design collections!