Together We Can Make an Impact in other's Lives!

We are Romantic Rebelle 

We are a movement for Self-Motivated  Women around the world ready to take action and make a change in their LIVES,
to quit the boring  9-5 job and attract health & wealth.
For Women ready  to step into the limitless versions of themselves, where to finally  create a life of personal and  financial freedom focusing on  their passions and dreams. 
We are a Movement for women who do not want to set anymore limits .

This is what it means to be a ROMANTIC REBELLE Woman 
She is a   woman who strives every day to be the best version of herself and learns how live her freedom. 
Her purpose in life is turn Her Dreams into Reality and make PROFIT out of her PASSION.
Our mission is help you grow your business online into a profitable, purpose- driven empire that changes lives and makes bank.
We will teach you  how to build your freedom laptop lifestyle doing what you love.
We want to help you with your health to be better so you would have more energy to actually LIVE life the way you wanted to.
You do not have to be struggling anymore.
You do not have to feel sick and tired of falling into same pitfalls in business.
It's time for you to glow & re-energize your life - feel comfortable and confident with yourself and your body
as you create your business empire for the win!
This is the place where you can glow and succeed. 
We built it for Women who want to take care of their mind & body but struggle with being consistent and tired of yo-yo dieting 
and exercises they don’t seem to work. 
Women who lost motivation along the way and give up because there are no results.
Women who are doing their best to shed the unwanted pounds but they’re stubborn and struggling to make progress.


It’s making positive changes to become an entirely new person.
  Join us to stay motivated and gain more knowledge about healthy living.
 To create a healthy lifestyle that will be part of your daily routine. 
To learn how to create habits around eating, fitness, + mindset.
Where HEALTH will become a simple, practical and customized- for - you experience to discover
Where you will be tough, educated and supported to help you succeed
We've made this for You.
So you can  live your incredible life with a healthy body and a full dose of energy
Taking care of your WHOLE self is a MUST to live your best life and create an amazing life for your family and make an impact in changing the world. 
Why not go big and feel amazing while living it?
We've created a community for online business Badasses who wish to  succeed while living their freedom and sharing your health & wellness message online. 
Attraction marketing principles are at our core.
We partnered with the most talented and driven leaders & experts to share strategies and systems for you  to achieve your  greatest potential while providing you  supportive and fertile environment for growth.
We want to share with you our secrets that changed our health and lives.
We want to teach you how to turn your  social media presence into a successful career while making an impact in other’s lives.
Al the systems you’ll learn  helped us grow and leverage our business process more efficiently  and get  the freedom to work from home or travel around the world. 
Whether you are into Wellness Coaching, or Health & Wellness Network Marketer or  a service-based entrepreneur (VA, Social Media Manager)  or currently seeking a Home Based Business to become the Boss of Your Life, quit your 9-5 job, work smarter and get more free time....
Then, you didn’t end up here by accident.
We know what are you going through...
You are a business-minded woman taking a dip into entrepreneurship and now getting overwhelmed by everything.
You're passionate and good at what you do, but unsatisfied with the results of your efforts.
You're working really hard, but it's not translating into a decent income, so you struggle to maintain your drive & enthusiasm.
You are unsure how to attract clients and build a profitable business.
You want clients to find you and pay you what you deserve.
You want to discover how to approach your ideal clients without being sales-y.
You feel like you are putting in BIG effort, but are stuck with tiny (or zero) profit.
Do you think you need to know how to manage your time; to work less and smarter than ever?
Do you think you need a clear framework on how to create and grow an online business?
Do you need practical guidance, support and specific tools to guide you towards your success?
Are you confused about the right ways—and wrong ways—to use social media in your business?
Are you in need of clarity about marketing automation systems?
Do you want to understand the importance of mind-body-soul connection?
Would you challenge yourself to a new self-growth program to become the best version of YOU?

If you answered yes to any of that ...
You Are In The Right Place! 
If you crave:
1. Sisterhood - where women can come together to communicate and understand each other’s differences without trying to tear each other apart.
2. Collaboration - where women can work together towards shared goals
3. Residual income - income that comes without much effort on your part or as a result of work that you have already done or sales you have already made.
4. Positive Change - make a positive impact on your life & on your family

This Community is the best place for YOU to be!
Become a
Start Your Dream, Make $$$
 Like a Pro & Share with Others to Make an Impact in the World.
Join the Tribe!



I am an Italian Digital Entrepreneur, CEO of Romantic Rebelle,
 and a passionate Wellness Advocate.

My life's mission is to help Home-Based Business Entrepreneurs to design a Freedom-Based Lifestyle, become a Laptop Queen...or King  and learn best tactics and strategies to Build their successful Online Empire.

So…If you are an Entrepreneur ready for FREEDOM
Ready to get out of the rat race and boring unfulfilled 9-5 jobs
Ready to get out under that pile of debts and bills to pay 
Ready to become that person you were meant to be 
Have the Freedom to pursue your Passion
Share some awesome with the world 
While …
Focusing on your WELLBEING to become the healthiest person you know on this planet
And uplift your life to reach your dream vision..
I am here to help YOU to Succeed!
So you can be in GOOD HEALTH to live your best life & attract more wealth, love and greatness in your life.
Because you deserve a GREAT LIFE with GREAT HEALTH.
Join me HERE and I’ll help you uncover the best version of YOU trough simple, life-changing steps. 
I would love to tell you my personal story and help you live the life and success you truly deserve! 
Remember, we are on this journey together.
Love, Daniela  
Arielle  B. Miami, USA.
" I have known Daniela for over 10 years.

We met in Miami Beach. I was and I am still living there while she was visiting, combining vacation and work.
I witnessed how hard she worked and constantly traveled for years until her body was hurting and her soul was suffering.
She now helps ambitious and creative women gain physical and emotional balance between work, family and romantic life.
She dedicates herself to this much needed mission with passion, integrity and all her heart. She helps me with her advice, tips and bright look on life and clearly inspires women to raise their standards of personal care and wellbeing in a fast moving and competitive world."

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